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Apr 26 2018 | Deputy Clerk/Librarian Full-Time Position Opening
HELP WANTED The Town of Rich Creek is accepting applications for a full-time Deputy Clerk/Librarian position. The applicant must be friendly, hardworking, team-oriented individual with excellent attention to detail and communication skills. Must be organized, show initiative, and possess solid Microsoft Office skills and a knowledge of accounting principles. Benefit package available. A copy of the job description and application are available by email at or by downloading an application here.Please submit application with a resume to the attention of Roger Jones at the Town of Rich Creek, P.O. Box 65, Rich Creek, VA 24147. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. EOE. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. EOE.
Posted by Pam
Apr 23 2018 | Job Opening
HELP WANTED-WASTEWATER OPERATOR The Town of Rich Creek is accepting applications for a full-time position in the Public Works Department. The position involves operating the town’s wastewater treatment plant. The position demands physical labor in all types of weather conditions and includes work in water, streets, and other departments, when not at the plant. Applicants must possess or have the ability to obtain a Virginia State Class III Wastewater License. Salary will be based on qualifications and experience. Excellent benefit package. A copy of the job description and an application may be obtained at the Rich Creek Town Office at 140 North & Spruce St., Rich Creek, VA 24147. Any questions, call (540) 726-3260. Please return application and a resume to Roger Jones, Town Manager, P.O. Box 65, Rich Creek, VA 24147. Download an application here. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. EOE.
Posted by Pam
Apr 02 2018 | SPRING 2018 NEWSLETTER
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Mar 15 2018 | Spring Clean-Up Week
2018 Annual Spring Clean-Up Week The Town of Rich Creek will be picking up non-household trash during the week of April 23-27, per the following schedule:

**PLEASE NOTE: No hazardous materials, batteries, brush or construction debris will be picked up**

Monday, April 23 - Woodland Rd, Highland Crt, Greenbriar Dr, Taylor Crt, Mercer Rd

Tuesday, April 24 - Riverside Dr, Hilltop St, Pleasant St, Walnut St, Locust St, Cherry Ave

Wednesday, April 25 - Old Virginia Ave (between Shell & bridge), Giles Ave, Federal St, Shumate Ave, Monroe Ave, Knob St, Coburn Ln, Church St

Thursday, April 26 - Old Virginia Ave (between bridge & barricade), Island St, North St, Kirk Ln, Spruce St, Powell Mtn. Rd, Powell Ln, Summit Dr

Friday, April 27 - Federal St (Rt. 219), Guynn Rd, Market Rd

Posted by Pam
Jan 10 2018 | Water-Thermal Expansion
IS YOUR HOT WATER HEATER LEAKING? THE CAUSE COULD BE THERMAL EXPANSION! Simple physics tells us that when a fluid heats, it expands in volume. For a home water heater, this means that when a full tank of water is heated up, it may require more space than is available in the tank. This is a distinct problem in any closed water system, which can be identified by any system that has a one-way valve (such as a backflow valve, check valve, or pressure-reducing valve) designed to prevent water from expanding back into the town water supply. In a closed system, the extra water volume that results from heating puts stress on other parts of the plumbing system and can result in broken pipes, leaky taps, relief-line leaks, or a damaged or leaking water heater. If the water pressure increase is severe, there can be even more serious damage to the water heater, possibly posing a safety hazard. So, for reasons of safety, most plumbing codes require both residential and commercial plumbing systems have ways to accommodate water heater thermal expansion. WARNING: When water heater thermal expansion creates dangerously high water pressure, it can cause the top or bottom of the tank to bulge or rupture. A distorted water heater is quite dangerous and needs to be replaced. Look for any signs of deformity in the top or bottom surfaces of the water heater, or in the relief line or water connection nipples at the top of the tank. If you see any of these signs, have the water heater replaced immediately. The problem is more likely to occur on water heaters that do not have an expansion tank installed in the home's water system but do have a check valve on the cold water supply line. This check valve is designed to keep water expansion from pushed back into the town water system, but unless there is an expansion tank in the system, the pressure has nowhere to go--except to put stress on the water heater tank itself and surrounding pipes. In this kind of situation, it isn’t enough to replace the water heater, because the pressure fluctuation will continue to stress the plumbing system. Nor does the standard temperature and pressure-relief valve (T&P) adequately correct the water heater thermal expansion problem. The only truly effective solution is to install a water expansion tank that provides the extra space for water expanded through heating. If you know you have a closed plumbing system, or if you’ve had thermal expansion water heater damage, you should install an expansion tank. Required by plumbing codes, this safety precaution is a good way to prevent damage to your plumbing lines and fixtures.
Posted by Pam

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