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Jul 13 2017 | Design Workshop Open House

Giles County Town Downtown Revitalization Project

Design Workshop Open House

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

1:00 - 4:00 PM

Giles County Administration Building

35 North Main Street, Pearisburg, VA

The Towns of Rich Creek, Pearisburg, and Glen Lyn hosted a series of Design Workshops on June 27 - 29, as part of the Giles County Towns Downtown Revitalization Project. Funded by a planning grant from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, the workshop focused on ways to enhance properties and expand business opportunities to revitalize these downtowns. Hill Studio of Roanoke worked with Town leaders and interested property owners over the three days to identify potential projects and desired improvements. Hill Studio will present their initial design concepts for public feedback at the Design Workshop Open House on July 19th.

Who Should Attend?

Interested business owners, civic groups, and citizens are encouraged to attend. Your comments help the project team develop the final recommendations for specific improvement projects and initiatives that best serve Rich Creek, Pearisburg, and Glen Lyn.

For more information contact Patrick O'Brien at 540.639.9313 ext:206 


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Sep 24 2013 | Rich Creek 4-H Club

Do you have children in the home between the ages of 5-19? 

If so, please come and join us at the next Rich Creek 4-H Club Meeting!

The Rich Creek 4-H Club meets on the last Monday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Rich Creek Public Library and is open to youth ages 5-19 & their families. 

Come and join us and make new friends, discover new interests and try something new!  We look forward to meeting you!

Visit their website at Giles County 4-H Club or on Facebook

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Mar 25 2011 | Rich Creek Public Library


Come join us for a fun time at the Rich Creek Public Library for our 2016 Children's Summer Reading Program each Wednesday in July from 10:30 am to Noon.

Special guests this year are players from the Princeton Rays minor league baseball team and they will be there on Wednesday, July 6.

On Wednesday, July 13, a group from the Giles County School of Dance will visit with us.

Wednesday, July 20, Mike Williams, a major league baseball player, will be our special guest.

And on Wednesday, July 27, Adam from the Wellness Center will be on hand to interact with the children.

 Our special guests will read a book to the children and refreshments will be served following the program. Come on out and join us.



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The Town of Rich Creek operates and maintains a water system with approximately 435 customers.  In an effort to operate the system as efficiently as possible, the Town implemented a plan to replace ageing components of the distribution system.


The Town of Rich purchases water from the Giles County Public Service Authority. The water is then re-distributed to customers in the Rich Creek service area.


In 1996 the Town purchased 50% more water than was sold. Water was lost through leaky pipes and inaccurate metering. Though an aggressive leak detection and repair program, the average water loss for 2009 was less than the state average of 20%. The money saved from reduced water purchases has been used to keep the rates low and fund improvement projects.


Water loss has not been the only focus of recent projects. Fire protection has been enhanced by the placement of fire hydrants in locations previously not served and the replacement of existing hydrants that had became unreliable. The cost of a hydrant and accessories average $2000 each.


The Town is in the process of replacing meters with radio read meters.  Thus far, over 100 meters have been replaced. Meter replacement is both expensive and labor intensive for the Town. Many old meters were hard plumbed without the benefit of setters and without backflow protection. Most often when they are excavated the service pipe from the main to the meter is in need of replacement. Most service lines are galvanized pipe 30 or more years old. The cost of materials alone is $400 or more depending on how many feet of service pipe has to be replaced.


As with these projects and future projects, there are times when water service must be interrupted. We strive to keep the interruptions to a minimum. Please bear with us as we continue our efforts to keep the system as safe, reliable, and cost efficient as possible.






The Rich Creek Water Department


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