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Proposed 2018/2019 Amended Budget
TOWN OF RICH CREEK PROPOSED “AMENDED” BUDGET-PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE FISCAL YEAR 2018-2019 The Town Council of the Town of Rich Creek will hold a Public Hearing on the proposed Amended Budget for 2018-19 on Monday, July 23, 2018 at 6:00 PM or as soon thereafter as the matter may be called on the agenda. The hearing will be held at the Rich Creek Municipal Building at 140 North & Spruce St. All interested citizens are encouraged to attend and offer comments. This budget proposes an increase to the In-Town and Out-of-Town water rates. All other rates will remain the same. The rates are as follows: Real Estate Property $0.20 per $100 Personal Property $0.625 Personal Property Tax Relief 50% Machinery & Tools $0.626 Motor Vehicle License Fee $20 per Vehicle Motorcycle License Fee $10 per Motorcycle Meals Tax 4% Transient Tax 5% Water/Sewer (In-Town) Current Rate: $38.92 Proposed Rate: $39.72* Water/Sewer (Out-of-Town)Current Rate: $73.49 Proposed Rate: $74.89* *rates are for 2,000 gal. A copy of the 2018-19 Amended Budget can be viewed during normal business hours at the Rich Creek Town Office. SUMMARY OF REVENUE & EXPENDITURES Rich Creek Revenue Estimate General Taxes 281,653 Police 54,664 Licenses 60,000 Utility Taxes 26,500 Intergovernmental 179,618 Recreation 17,500 Fire 10,000 Water Service 231,832 Sewer Service 289,261 SERCAP Grant 70,000 Cigarette Tax 30,000 T-21 Grant Funds 728,000 Total Rich Creek Revenue Estimate $1,979,028 GlenCreek Revenue Estimate GlenCreek Waste Water Treatment Plant-Glen Lyn 20,000 GlenCreek Waste Water Treatment Plant-Rich Creek 92,892 Total GlenCreek Revenue Estimate $112,892 Total Combined Rich Creek/Glen Creek Estimated Revenue $2,091,920 Rich Creek Expenditure Estimate Administration 501,023 Police 89,046 Fire 14,875 Streets/T-21 Project 835,920 Buildings & Grounds 44,894 Debt Service 77,724 Water Dept. 147,201 Sewer Dept. 175,453 GlenCreek Waste Water Treatment Plant 92,892 Total Rich Creek Expenditure Estimate $1,979,028 GlenCreek Expenditure Estimate GlenCreek Waste Water Treatment Plant Operations 112,892 Total GlenCreek Expenditure Estimate $112,892 Total Combined Rich Creek/Glen Creek Estimated Expenditures $2,091,920
Posted on Jun 29 2018 by Pam
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