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2019/2020 Proposed Operating Budget

The Town Council of the Town of Rich Creek will hold a Public Hearing on the proposed Budget for 2019-2020 on Monday, June 10, 2019 at 6:00 PM or as soon thereafter as the matter may be called on the agenda.

The hearing will be held at the Rich Creek Municipal Building at 140 North & Spruce St. All interested citizens are encouraged to attend and offer comments.

This budget proposes an increase to the In-Town and Out-of-Town water rates. All other rates will remain the same. The rates are as follows:

Real Estate Property $0.20 per $100, Personal Property $0.625 per $100, Personal Property Tax Relief 50%, Machinery & Tools $0.626 per $100, Motor Vehicle License Fee $20 per Vehicle, Motorcycle License Fee $10 per Motorcycle, Meals Tax 4%, Transient Tax 5%

Water/Sewer (In-Town) Current Rate: $39.72 Proposed Rate: $40.36*

Water/Sewer (Out-of-Town)Current Rate: $74.89 Proposed Rate: $76.01*

*(2,000 gal. min.)

A copy of the 2019-2020 Budget can be viewed during normal business hours at the Rich Creek Town Office. SUMMARY OF REVENUE & EXPENDITURES Rich Creek Revenue Estimate General Taxes 278,353 Police 23,280 Licenses 60,000 Utility Taxes 25,500 Intergovernmental 171,526 Recreation 21,000 Fire 10,000 Water Service 37,600 Sewer Service 270,000 Cigarette Tax 32,000 T-21 Grant Funds 885,000 Total Rich Creek Revenue Estimate $2,014,259 GlenCreek Revenue Estimate GlenCreek Waste Water Treatment Plant-Glen Lyn 20,203 GlenCreek Waste Water Treatment Plant-Rich Creek 92,478 Total GlenCreek Revenue Estimate $112,681 Total Combined Rich Creek/Glen Creek Estimated Revenue $2,126,940 Rich Creek Expenditure Estimate Administration 593,856 Police 71,047 Fire 16,987 Streets/T-21 Project 912,941 Buildings & Grounds 76,754 Debt Service 77,724 Water Dept. 141,657 Sewer Dept. 30,815 GCWWTPlant 92,478 Total Rich Creek Expenditure Estimate $2,014,259 GlenCreek Expenditure Estimate GlenCreek Waste Water Treatment Plant Operations 112,681 Total GlenCreek Expenditure Estimate $112,681 Total Combined Rich Creek/Glen Creek Estimated Expenditures $2,126,940
Posted on May 30 2019 by Pam
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