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Town Council | Planning Commission | Board of Zoning Appeals

The administration and government of the town is vested in a council which consists of six members, five of whom are denominated council members and one is denominated the mayor, all of whom are residents and qualified voters of the town.

The council members and the mayor are elected by the qualified voters of the town on the first Tuesday in May of even-numbered years.

The Council meets on the second Monday of each month at 6 PM in the Council Chambers at the Rich Creek Community Center 140 North & Spruce Streets.

Click here to view the Code of Ordinances Manual.

Mayor & Council Members 4-year Term Expires

William Kantsios (Mayor)

December 2021

Alice Huffman

December 2023

Mark Clemons

December 2021

Stuart Helm (Vice-Mayor)

December 2023

Dorsey Bradley

December 2023

Marty Gautier

December 2021

Staff Position

Roger Jones

Town Manager

Pam Kantsios

Town Clerk/ Treasurer/ FOIA Officer

Steve Buckland

Police Chief

Debbie Morris

Deputy Clerk/ Librarian

Brad Riner

Wastewater Operator-IT

Kevin Smith

Lead Foreman

Wesley Crawford

Maintenance/Public Works Dept.


Maintenance Worker


Maintenance Worker

Marilyn Thompson

Park & Community Center Caretaker

Marilyn Thompson



planning commission
The Planning Commission is responsible for establishing a Comprehensive Plan for the physical development of the Town.  The Comprehensive Plan provides a basis for assisting the Town in promoting an optimal development pattern, given the existing constraints and opportunities.  It also helps to assist the Town in developing strategies for better communication with citizens, businesses, and organizations within the locality, and with regional entities that impact the Town's development.  It serves as a framework for the long-range allocation of resources to meet identified needs. 

The Planning Commission is also responsible for establishing a zoning ordinance for the Town. In accordance with Section 15.1-427 of the Code of Virginia, the Town of Rich Creek established a zoning ordinance in order to achieve the delicate balance between the individual property owner’s rights and the health, safety, and general welfare of the public by establishing zoning districts that each has individual permitted and non-permitted uses. This helps to protect against things such as the destruction of or encroachment upon historic areas, the overcrowding of land, and the undue density of population in relation to the community facilities existing or available. The Ordinance is contained in the Land Development Manual. An updated Flood Ordinance now included in the Land Development Manual can be found here. For more information you may contact the Town Office at (540) 726-3260 or email

The Planning Commission consists of 5 members.  Members must be qualified voters of the Town.  Each member must be appointed by the Mayor and approved by a majority of the members of the Town Council.

Planning Commission Committee Members 4-year Term Expires

Paul Morrison(Chair)

August 2022

D. Erik Suttle

August 2023

Sherry Helm

August 2025

Joe Moore

August 2021

Warren Wilson

August 2024


board of zoning appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals is responsible for hearing and deciding appeals from any order, requirement, decision or determination made by an administrative officer in the administration or enforcement of the Town of Rich Creek Zoning Ordinance.

The Board of Zoning Appeals consists of 5 members.  Members must be qualified voters of the Town.  Each member must be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by a majority of the members of the Town Council.

Board of Zoning Appeals Committee Members 5-year Term Expires

William "Stuart" Hazelwood

April 2021

Jimmy J. McCroskey

April 2025

Catlin Suttle

April 2023

Tommy Kantsios

April 2024

Tressia Lambert

April 2022